Matcha Coconut Orange Oatmeal Pancakes

These lovely, mildly sweet green pancakes are full of goodness, tropical flavors, and antioxidants! I hope you have fun trying them! Pancakes are pretty forgiving + easy to improvise, so I challenge you to add in something new, you only live once 😉 1 egg 2/3 C oats 3/4 C almond milk 3 Tablespoons EVOO … Continue reading Matcha Coconut Orange Oatmeal Pancakes

Honey Apricot Scones – Celebrate the Sweetness of the Weekend!

I’ve been doing a little too much baking lately as a creative + cathartic outlet, and thought I’d share a long time favorite weekend scone recipe. Wishing you sunshine, smiles and moments of simple joy this weekend 🙂 Gather: 2 C flour 1/4 C local honey (side benefit- great for allergies!) 1/4 C chopped dried … Continue reading Honey Apricot Scones – Celebrate the Sweetness of the Weekend!

Singapore Hawker Food Center Experience

As wanderlust sets in during this time of COVID quarantine, I’m thinking back to the dreamy + delicious time I had exploring Singapore this last September. Singapore is a modern and futuristic city with expansive gardens in every corner. You’ll also find gorgeous traditional parts of the city lined with bright and colorful old shophouses, … Continue reading Singapore Hawker Food Center Experience

Cinnamon + Chili Air, Lavender Streets, Colorful Design + Luscious Food in CDMX

Did you know Mexico City is a sparkling and alive city full of culinary exploration and lovely surprises? I had the good fortune to visit in late January and was blown away by the kind and attentive service, spicy and exotic flavors, and an overall authentic, colorful experience unlike anywhere else. Everything from street food … Continue reading Cinnamon + Chili Air, Lavender Streets, Colorful Design + Luscious Food in CDMX

Trains + Curiosity

I live a simple, yet adventurous, and novel life. Though I focus on collecting life experiences more than anything, I’ve realized over the last few years that this one tiny item I collect instills positive energy in me. What is it? I collect my subway cards from around the world! Cards that have served as … Continue reading Trains + Curiosity

No Bake “Feel Like a Kid” Oat + Cocoa Cookies

Sometimes I just need something simple to sweeten the day, and these easy no-bake cookies do the trick. Call me a big kid, but I find these so satisfying! Actual kids love them too! Ingredients: 1 stick of butter 1 1/2 cups of sugar 1/2 cup oat milk 4 tablespoons cocoa 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter … Continue reading No Bake “Feel Like a Kid” Oat + Cocoa Cookies

Scandinavia/ Baltic Foodie Adventure Notes

Oslo- Grunerlokka (a creative neighborhood in Oslo) was vintage heaven, overflowing with antiques, all in colorful buildings with a lively spirit and lots of people strolling through. I especially enjoyed my stop at Retrolykke Kaffebar, a vintage espresso shop, with a friendly owner who makes strong drinks and happily put whipped cream in my Americano … Continue reading Scandinavia/ Baltic Foodie Adventure Notes