Nap in Kyoto

After a full morning of riding my turquoise bike through the gentle breezes on the back streets of Kyoto, feeling the wind in my hair, I returned to my mountainside studio. After climbing the 80 or so steps up the steep hillside in the humid late summer air, I felt the delight of the pause as I entered my door, into my simple living accommodations. My one-room studio with a small kitchen had been the ultimate place to rest my head, drink some local green tea, and have an authentic travel experience during my one month in Kyoto. Situated next to the forest and surrounded by the melodic sounds of birds, one could imagine spending a lifetime in such an austere and restful place. That afternoon I lay down my sweaty and beyond relaxed body onto my small futon on the floor next to the window. As I drifted into a nap, I felt an intense radiant heat casting over me from the window, and my half-open eyes gazed at the tranquil bright blue mid-afternoon skies. I felt the deepest sense of peace and repose possible as I experienced falling asleep in this serene place humming quietly with nature and possibilities. I can’t remember exactly what I dreamt about but when I awoke I was convinced it was positively the best dream of my life. I woke thinking that my life challenges had perfectly led me to this moment, and felt deeply satisfied at having explored my innate and persistent curiosity for life in Japan. Living as a local was such a rich experience, and I believe in this nap I was truly a local, not a visitor. I was immersed in the vibe of this magical land and feeling as if I belonged.

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