Fall Kale and Apple Salad

I’m totally obsessed with the goodness of kale. Here is my favorite, simple salad that I often have for lunch.

Red Onion 1/3 Cup
Apple Cider Vinegar ( I use organic, unfiltered, raw ACV) 3 Tablespoons
Honey (local honey recommended- good for keeping allergies at bay) 2 Tablespoons
Ground Mustard (or prepared dijon mustard) 2 teaspoons
Poppy seeds (I buy organic in bulk at Whole Foods) 1 1/2 teaspoons
Pinch of Salt
Expeller Pressed Canola Oil 3 Tablespoons

Mix this up in the blender, until it is a dressing consistency, the onion will make it pink!

In a large bowl:
1 Bunch Organic Lacinato Kale, thoroughly washed, stems removed, sliced thinly
1 Large Crisp Organic Apple, like Fuji or Granny Smith (or use one of each), sliced into matchstick pieces

Toss in the dressing and mix well. This salad keeps amazingly well in the fridge, unlike other types of salad it will be fresh and delicious for days. Enjoy!!

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