These are a Few of My Favorite Things

observing snowflakes delicately circling the lamppost from the window of my old 1930’s Minneapolis apartment, while the wooden floors creak under my feet

the spicy goodness of coconut milk chai with extra whipped cream while browsing the non-fiction section of the local bookstore, ideas and inspiration churning

the feeling of hot sand on my feet and the exhilaration of running barefoot on the beach with a cool wind whipping me just as I begin to overheat

watching eager hummingbirds persist outside my window, silence everywhere except for the delicate buzz and flash of color

the sight of healthy nasturtiums making their pot home by cascading over the edge, reliving comforting memories of the views + colors from my sunny childhood deck in Southern Oregon

the scent of rosemary potatoes roasting in the oven while fall leaves cascade outside the window, hiking boots visibly caked in mud, Google flights open on the browser

gliding through the airport like a feather, the fragrance of jet fuel and the unknown circulating, bag rolling, unrevealed adventures about to sync and lovely people to meet just around the corner

the surprise of the tiniest object, yet the grandest thing you can imagine, waiting for you on your pillow (in this case referring to origami that was left for me in my Airbnb in the musical, retro neighborhood of Koenji, Tokyo)

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