Intuitive Nutrition

Have you ever had a meal you could sense was immediately balancing your body? Maybe you noticed a sense of calm, or a lack of anxiety, or a feeling of flourishing energetically after consuming this meal? I am somewhat obsessed with nutrition because of the impact it has on my energy and state of being. One of my favorite things in life is picking radiantly fresh (mostly organic) fruits and veggies at the farmers market. The colors and scents of these raw foods are instantly recognizable to my system as medicine. Simply viewing them and inhaling their pure earthy scents gets my healthy vibrations flowing. I’ve always felt that food is medicine and the purer your diet gets the more capable you become of choosing a cure. For example, if I’m dreaming of beets, I like to research their nutrients and also understand why I might be craving them. At this point in time I tend to yearn for exactly what I need, which reinforces a gratifying feeling of being in sync with myself. Years ago, when my diet wasn’t as refined and I regularly had some junk food or processed foods in my diet, my taste buds were less able to distinguish what I needed. I had wild cravings for various foods, typically really sweet or salty, that were all over the map. If you are willing to put the daily effort into fine-tuning your diet, all of your senses will get increasingly sophisticated and will redirect you to the best nutrition. I like to think of this as intuitive eating, a practice that gets sharpened over time.

Intuitive nutrition is definitely not about perfection. In fact, giving into a strong desire for something fatty, salty, or over the top sweet is totally fine, as long as it’s the exception in your diet and not the norm. Occasional deviations from healthy eating will not throw you very far off track plus they are healthy for your spirit! My most recent trip to the park blocks farmers market in Portland with my kids is a good example – we looked at the gorgeous produce, plants and flowers, sampled pear and blackberry kombucha, and wandered through all the healthy food carts, debating what to snack on. We ended up choosing a fresh iced strawberry cinnamon roll, which was moist + delightful. We split it three ways, so we didn’t think much about it. Allow your inner wisdom to guide you towards wholesome food 90% of the time and smile and relish the other 10%! Food is your friend!

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