Cinnamon + Chili Air, Lavender Streets, Colorful Design + Luscious Food in CDMX

Did you know Mexico City is a sparkling and alive city full of culinary exploration and lovely surprises? I had the good fortune to visit in late January and was blown away by the kind and attentive service, spicy and exotic flavors, and an overall authentic, colorful experience unlike anywhere else. Everything from street food to 5-star places offered a gorgeous and thoughtful environment, with all your senses being catered to first and foremost. Here are two essential food experience recommendations for your trip to CDMX – tacos and brunch of course!

Tacos: Located in the artsy, green, boutique + cafe filled Condesa neighborhood (which is also where my cozy and artsy Airbnb was located), El Tizoncito Cholula is a local + casual place that was hopping every minute of the day! It was here that I developed a true love for a combination I had never had before – the pineapple quesadilla!! This melty grilled concoction with warm pineapple was so tasty I may have visited an embarrassing number of times during my short 6-day trip! This spot was also such a comfortable place to just lounge and watch local life in a tranquil way. As I watched the chef squeeze out the inside of avocados effortlessly with a single movement, I could sense the traditions and way of life here. People were enjoying life and moments and savoring the everyday sweetness like a nectar of abundance.

Brunch: In the Coyoacan neighborhood next to the Frida Kahlo museum is the elegant San Angel Inn, a place you feel pampered and surrounded by luxury. The beauty of the grounds, the exceptionally skilled staff who have service down to a true art form, and the flavorful, gorgeous food are things I’ll never forget about this lazy mid-morning. I had an Avocado Benedict (my “go-to” for brunch) that made me smile all day – it was that delectable. I also tried a Pan de Elote (or Mexican Sweet Corn Cake) which was so moist, rich, and incredible -yum! The gardens surrounding the property were lush, immaculate, and full of tropical vibes…it was a serene paradise! Combining this with a visit to Frida Kahlo is a recipe for a bright + inspiring day!

I have many more tips for this tropical land woven with colorful murals and hot pink bougainvillea – if you are reading this and planning a trip reach out! If you go, be ready for a beautiful and vibrant experience that will make you smile and eagerly plan your return to this captivating and delicious place.

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